There are eight Vaidyasala Cottages which are approximately 700 square feet in size.

For all good treatments, you need an impeccable routine in your daily life plus good nutrition. In today’s fast paced life, it is not something that is easily achieved. So, here at Ayurveda Vaidya Nilayam, we provide you with cottages to stay comfortable feeling at home. We have dedicated staff who are ready to provide the perfect service for you. A great experience is guaranteed for you at Ayurnilayam.

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There is a special Kitchen at Ayurveda Vaidya Nilayam for Ayurveda. Here authentic Ayurvedic Vegetarian food is specially prepared by a well-experienced chef for the guests.

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Ayurnilayam offers most modern amenities as well as dedicated service to offer you a great environment to pamper yourself and recover in the right manner.

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Therapists are dedicated to provide you great service. Our hand-picked staff are quite experienced and will offer you the best.


There are Garden View Rooms which are approximately 400 square feet in size.

Enjoy the brightness of mornings as well as the feel of fresh air all around your room. This gives you a lot of positivity in the beginning of every day especially if you have a great view from the window. This suite has been designed taking all the factors in consideration. We have made all arrangements for you to enjoy the scenic views all around.

There are all facilities like cable tv, telephone service, free wi fi etc. You feel completely at home here. Our dedicated staff in room service make sure your each and every wish is done at the right time. We provide an excellent catering service as well that provide food of the highest standard with a wide variety of choices.

Breakfast is complimentary with stay. There is ample parking space provided right in front of the room for your convenience.


There are number of amenities here for our esteemed guests. Ten treatment rooms that can accommodate and treat ten persons at the same time , that are approximately 250 square feet in size are there.

Yoga Hall

Yoga is a meditation art that has its origins in India. It is always recommended and goes hand in hand with Ayurveda. It is an encompassing way to make your body fit , healthy as well as perfect.

Herbal Garden

The whole atmosphere of Ayurnilayam has a touch and feel of tradition. You can rejuvenate your whole being in this calm and serene natural environment which has a beautiful herbal garden and a swimming pool.

Yoga Meditation Hall
Beauty Therapy centre
Herbal garden
Landscaped garden area
Vegetable farming